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Dear valued customers, 

Founded by us in 2002 the classic watch brand "Bergmann" as of today, has sold over 2 million watches and is becoming one of the most successful and fastest growing watch brands in Europe. 

With more than 70 different models Bergmann has become a sought-after collector's item for watch lovers in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Japan and the USA.

The Bergmann brand is showing a successful trend for the future. 

Bergmann watch designs originate from the middle of the last century, inspiring watch collectors of all ages. A Bergmann watch combines timeless design and high-quality workmanship. Each item is lovingly designed and manufactured. 

Handcrafted with quality quartz or automatic movement and stamped individually. 

This makes every Bergmann watch unique and desired collector's item.

Wishing you a good time!



Jens Richter and the Bergmann Team


Bergmann supports and sponsors classic motorsport. 
Every year we accompany the Hamburg “Stadtparkrevival”, Germanys largest old-timer rally, as an official timekeeper and participant.

The 2006 "Rally-Hamburg-Shanghai" mega event was officially sponsored by Bergmann watches. Our own Bergmann Porsche 356-A, built in 1958 was also a proud participant. 
This year Bergmann will continue to sponsor and time keep at this great rally.

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